Virtual Manager

Virtual Manager

The world’s first and only Virtual Manager is a unique feature to Solentris, where the software monitors your business, just like you had your own personal assistant. Unlike traditional dashboard systems that only report data, Solentris’ Virtual Manager actually reports data and then analyzes that same data so that it can report to you on key issues that may need your attention.

Each module in Solentris contains its own Virtual Manager, and each Virtual Manager automatically tailors itself to meet the exact needs of the user based on their role and profile in the organization. Virtual Manager data is not only reported and analyzed, but backed up with detailed reports to assist you with your decision making. Even if you can’t login to Solentris you can still receive your Virtual Manager alerts via email.

Take a look at some of the information that is monitored by the virtual manager:

Key Features:

  • Solentris continuously reviews the status of all areas of the system, and provides notifications and details as required.
  • Virtual alerts can be received automatically via email.
  • Financial Statement monitors permit users to flag key accounts and financial statement lines to watch them easily and efficiently. Perhaps there is a particular advertising expense that you would like to monitor, or payroll charges or even sales. Solentris’ Virtual Manager makes it as easy as clicking a checkbox on the statement to start your monitoring process.
  • Intelligent analysis is the key. Many systems might eventually tell you that you are out of inventory, but Solentris’ Virtual Manager not only analyzes your current inventory position, but it also looks ahead to future orders, incoming purchase orders, and analyzes sizes and colours to give you an accurate review of your inventory position.

Solentris’ Virtual Manager – How does it work?

   Solentris’ Virtual Manager is like having your own personal assistant continually reviewing the system and reporting back to you on the status of your business. As information is entered into Solentris, or as time goes by, the Virtual Manager monitors each module of the system and generates summary reporting information to each user. This information can be updates on the status of orders, alerts regarding potential issues with inventory, credit held orders and etc., or even just analysis of important information in the system. Solentris’ Virtual Manager does all of the hard work analyzing hundreds of reports and reporting back to you, so that you can spend more time managing your business.
  • A complete range of sales, order, accounts payable and inventory analysis key indicators, supported by graphs, multi-year monitoring and actuals reporting.
  • Inventory management focusing on constrained inventory versus order demand.
  • Order analysis including canceled orders, upcoming shipments, product shortages.
  • Customer accounts receivable and credit status monitoring.
  • Highlights for potential order delay issues, including credit risks and product shortages as the orders are nearing their shipping dates.
  • Product allocations and purchase order reservation analysis.
  • Incoming purchase order analysis.
  • Backordered product tracking versus incoming purchase order activity.
  • Vendor payment analysis.
  • Financial statement line monitoring.
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Virtual Manager – Home

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