What features are available to my Salesforce users?

The short answer is “everything that YOU want them to have access to”.

When a salesforce user accesses Solentris, they are benefiting from using a system that excels at providing accurate, timely and relevant information so that they can manage their customers effectively. If they are granted access to look at customer accounts, you as an administrator can determine what customer accounts they can see. If you want your salesforce to look at Inventory or Accounts Receivable you, as an administrator, can permit access to those features and modules. If you want your salesforce to enter their own orders you can open up access into the order processing modules. It does not matter if it is a salesforce user or an in-house employee or even a customer. Solentris provides the tools and applications. You provide the access and define the rules.

Everything in Solentris can be made available to your salesforce. Take a look at these highlights:

  • CRM.   Solentris contains an extensive CRM system to help your salesforce manage leads & prospects, business opportunities and existing business relationships. Learn more:
  • Virtual Manager.   Analyzes and reports on customer, territory and/or sales rep level business status. Learn more:
  • Consolidated Customer Review.   Displays reference information from many key areas of Solentris allowing users to quickly identify and review all pertinent business information related to that customer. Learn more:
  • Quoting System.   An integrated quoting system that links into the order management system. Learn more:
  • Order and Invoice Tracking.   Review detailed order and invoice information including current in-house as well as historical details, fine tune reports by customer, product, territory, day, month, period, custom date-range, etc.
  • Fast Access to Critical Information.   Quick links to inventory status, customer status, order status, invoice information, etc.
Remote Access

Remote Access

CRM Lead Management

CRM Lead Management