Order Management

Order Management

Solentris’ Order Management system represents the pinnacle of order processing. Our many decades of expertise is readily apparent in the design of our flexible and feature-rich order management modules.

Users and managers will discover clean interfaces, well designed and logical processes.

Solentris also works with your users to help them to manage in-house orders whether it be for credit control purposes, managing inventory allocations, applying customer and product specific pricing rules or coordinating shipping activities.



  • Cloud computing means that your users in any geographic location can be entering and processing orders into the same single system.
  • Take control of your order bank. Use credit controls, automated or user-controlled inventory allocation rules for in-house orders, review incoming purchase orders and control the flow of orders to your shipping departments.
  • Virtual Managers monitor order processing activity, credit issues and inventory status. Learn more:
  • Automatically keep your customers informed through the use of order confirmations and shipping notices.

Efficient and Logical Order Management.

  • Multiple versions of order entry supported including line-based, pre-defined worksheets and order forms. Learn more:
  • Order Entry supports product sizes, colours, models, and types through an innovative interface that reports inventory levels by variation, combined with multiple required dates. Learn more:
    • All sizes, colours, and other product variations can be linked to common product numbers to aid in substitution and alternate product selection.
  • Supports price grids at the product, product category and customer level.
  • Supports an unlimited number of Ship-To’s assigned to a Customer Master Bill-To number.
  • Supports multiple warehouses for fulfillment, and multiple order required dates for order processing.
  • Reserve inventory against in-house orders and even incoming purchase orders.
  • Use order status rules to let Solentris allocate inventory automatically.
  • Supports multiple Required dates at the order level and product line level.
  • Integration with Credit control to block or hold orders due to credit issues.
  • Solentris logs all changes to orders – from who and when it was entered, through any changes to shipping and invoicing.

Direct Shipments are easy in Solentris.

Solentris has a very powerful and fully integrated Direct Shipping module.  Now, when you enter customer orders into Solentris you can auto-create the Purchase Order to your vendor. If the Purchase needs to change, users only need to update the Purchase Order and Solentris will automatically update the customer order as well.  All order and purchase order documents are linked to make management and monitoring easier than ever.