Purchasing & Supply Chain


If your business relies on outside vendors, or even internal manufacturing to populate its inventory, then Solentris’ Purchasing and Supply Chain module is a great tool for your organization. Seamlessly communicate purchase orders to vendors for their review, and they can communicate changes, reject information, identify errors and accept purchase orders all within one single system.

Solentris’ purchase order system is also completely integrated with its inventory modules and order management systems to ensure that purchase order status is accurately reported across all areas of your organization.

Key Features:

  • An extensive Virtual Manager System monitors inventory levels versus order demand, and reports on constrained inventory. The Virtual Manager system also tracks late purchase orders, product allocations and reservations.
  • Supports the ability to create one purchase order with multiple required dates based on product lines. This reduces data entry requirements and improves the tracking of purchase orders with your vendors.
  • Inventory replenishment purchase orders link directly to the Accounts Payable system to ensure accurate and fast management of invoices.
  • Purchase Order tracking reports let your users quickly identify all outstanding purchase orders in the system, search for all purchase orders containing a specific product, review incoming purchase orders and much more.
  • Integrate your customer orders with your direct shipment purchase orders. When you enter orders into Solentris you can auto-create the Purchase Order to your vendor. If the Purchase needs to change, users only need to update the Purchase Order and Solentris will automatically update the order as well.