Access Solentris: The Way That You Want To.

Remote Access & Salesforce

Today’s Enterprise systems need to be flexible. Not just flexible in terms of their operational capabilities but flexible in being available to your organization 24×7 and from anywhere that your users might be located. Solentris as a software solution manages your organization’s operational and reporting requirements. Solentris as a technology makes your system available to your users when they want it and where they want it.

Access Solentris from anywhere.

   Solentris takes advantage of the Internet as a communication medium, meaning that if your organization employs a salesforce or has multiple geographic locations or just has users that want to be able to access the system from home, hotels or on the road, they can all access the same system in real-time. Access is achieved through any Internet connection, an Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome for example and most importantly proper security access. Solentris uses a complete suite of permission-based and access control options that are completely manageable by your organization, to allow your staff or any users to have as much or as little access as necessary. Access-Anywhere


Control what your users can see and do in Solentris.

It starts at the user level. The user experience in Solentris is based on roles, groups and privileges. Your users are each provided with a user id into the system. With that user id, administrators can then assign that user into a group, associate them to a specific role, and limit access by time or day or source location. Groups are then assigned privileges in Solentris to permit or deny access to entire roles, applications and even programs inside Solentris.

  • Group controls organize users to simplify the application of Access Controls into Solentris, and into any applications and features.
  • Access controls can be set at the module, feature and even program level.
  • All reports, Virtual Manager screens and order entry modules are designed to display only specific information related to a user’s responsibilities.
  • Administrators can limit access to the system by time of day, day of week, and also by originating location. For complete security, travelling employees can be given a user coded USB key which must be inserted into the computer before the user can access your system. This key can be disabled at any time by the administrator.