Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

Solentris’ Warranty and Returns Management System offers an extremely comprehensive feature-set to handle even the most demanding returns environments.

The true power of the system lies in the degree of integration between all of the modules associated with the various types of return scenarios that can occur. When users initiate and manage returns, they have the option to utilize predefined return processes which can automatically handle common scenarios such as return to stock, issuing credits, replacement orders, damaged goods and credit refusals. Solentris’ returns system easily steps the user through each of the selected scenarios to help the user ensure that proper procedures are followed.

As a result of the highly integrated nature of all of Solentris’ modules, the Warranty & Returns system is able to not only process returns but it can also update other modules associated with other departments including accounts receivable, inventory, sales reporting and financials.

Key Features:

  • Supports creation of Return Authorizations that can be emailed, created as PDF’s, etc.
  • Return Authorizations can be manually created, or products can be imported from the original Invoice.
  • Supports multiple RA statuses including Open, Pending, Received, statuses related to the condition of the product returned, etc.
  • Multiple reason codes supported including defective, customer does not want, incorrect product, replacement products and many more.
  • Tracking reports monitor RA status, reason code reporting. These reports can also be generated by product, customer, sales rep, status, timeframe, etc.
  • Extensive stock replacement interface supports product exchanges, substitutions, adding additional products to replacement, credits, standard returns and more.
  • Freight charges can be managed on an individual RA basis.
  • Supports restocking fees and other miscellaneous charges.
  • Integrates with customer pricing matrix for determining product values and replacement product values.

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