Customer Service/CRM


Solentris fully integrates its Customer Service and CRM systems with other modules in real time. This means that users can quickly review, monitor and enhance their customer relationships by accessing all relevant customer information using powerful customer review tools that combine key reports from many areas of the system on one concise review screen. As your users are being contacted by customers, or reaching out to customers, detailed historical sales reporting, product demand analysis complemented by complete order and invoice tracking means that any user can anticipate customer inquiries and find the answers that they require from comprehensive screens.

How will Solentris improve my organization’s customer service?

Easy Access to your customer’s current status and history. Communicate more efficiently. Anticipate customer questions.

When a customer calls you, they likely either want to order something from you, or discuss an existing issue. While it is important to be able to answer a customer’s questions quickly, it may even be more important to be able to anticipate what that customer could be calling about. When a customer calls in, accessing the Customer Review will provide your customer service group with the critical information that they need to help your customers. Learn more:

Customer Review

Advanced order entry means faster order processing and satisfied customers.

¬†¬†¬†Solentris makes Order Entry and Account management easy because everything is fully integrated. The system works with users to manage the relationship between a customer’s request to order more from your organization, and their credit status with your organization. Learn more: Order Management


How does Solentris Manage CRM?

There are many CRM solutions available to organizations. Some are designed for Fortune 500 firms and contain extensive features that may or may not apply to every organization’s ordering and selling cycle, while others support managing notes about your customer. Solentris works hard to balance your organization’s need for customer relationship data and intelligence, with your user’s requirements to spend more time doing their jobs as opposed to doing reports and status updates. Through our experience in working with small to mid-sized organizations for several decades, we have developed CRM modules that provide a good balance between allowing users to do their jobs, but at the same time track and report key customer relationship developments as they occur. Learn more: