Why should I look at a hosted system vs. purchasing and running software on my own hardware?
   It all comes down to whether you want to be operating your own software in-house with all of its technological requirements and associated costs or not. Many organizations do not employ dedicated on-site IT staff so the ongoing maintenance of the required servers, routers, firewalls and other devices can be challenging and time-consuming for untrained office staff. Even for the organizations that do have in-house IT staff, many of those employees are usually working on so many other projects that they may not have the time necessary to devote to supporting the uninterrupted operation of the software solution.

   Hosted solutions offer a much more simplied strategy because all that you need to provide your staff is Internet access (which most have anyway). There are no dedicated servers, routers, firewalls or other devices required beyond what you already likely have installed for your current network. For Solentris, we manage the servers in our data center and are responsible for the backups, required security and maintenance of the software. Another key factor is the actual cost of the software. When you run the software in your own organization you are usually required to purchase the software outright plus pay annual maintenance fees for support. Using a hosted solution means that you are paying a much smaller monthly fee for the software. In many cases this monthly fee can be a small fraction of the total software cost.

How do I access my version of Solentris? Do I have to install any software or hardware?
   There is nothing to install on your local laptop or personal computer. Accessing Solentris is easy. If you have Internet access and you have an Internet browser on your computer then that is all that you need. Solentris can be accessed through all of the popular Internet browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome and more.
Can I access the system with my iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices?
   Absolutely! If your mobile device has an Internet browser on it, then you can access Solentris and do all of your work on it.
How does your support service work?
   Solentris is supported by our own in-house dedicated professionals who understand your system and your business. When you call for support, you are not talking to a call center. Instead you can discuss your questions with individuals trained not only in how to provide you the best answers to your questions but who also understand the way that you are using Solentris and your unique operational requirements. For questions that require even more discussion, in many cases you can also talk directly to the programmers to ensure that you get the answers that you need.
How do upgrades work?
   Solentris is regularly upgraded with the latest features and enhancements that have been suggested by users and through our continual development of the software. Upgrades are usually implemented during non-business hours and you will be notified well ahead of time that upgrades are going to be implemented. Upgrades are usually free for all users with the exception of specific customized enhancements that apply to only specific organizations that have requested them.
I’m nervous about having my information on the Internet.
   Your information is not actually stored on the Internet, it is stored in a secured data center. Solentris, like your online banking software for example, uses the Internet to transport your information to you so that you can work with it.
How do you protect my data from being accessed by unauthorized people?
   Solentris uses an extensive users/groups/permissions strategy for protecting your data from unauthorized users. You can choose what users get to see, when they can access the site and what applications they are permitted to use. It’s all manageable by you through our extensive administration system.
   Solentris is also protected from unauthorized access, and hackers, through an extensive network of firewalls and data encryption technologies rivalling those of the largest corporations in the world. No data is ever communicated out of our data center unless it is encrypted and our extensive monitoring and security ensure that we are aware of unauthorized attempts to access your data or our hardware.