Analytical Reporting

Take the guess-work out of reporting.

Solentris contains one of the most extensive arrays of reports ever provided in an ERP system. Solentris reports are designed around one very simple philosophy:

When data is presented on a report, Solentris will present that data so that it is clickable right down to the source information.

If Solentris reports sales figures, it will show you the invoices that make up those sales. If Solentris reports inventory allocations or incoming purchase order details, then the figures will be clickable to the orders reserved against that inventory and the purchase orders that are incoming. When financial statements or general ledger accounts are viewed onscreen, each set of figures will be clickable to the supporting general ledger accounts, and then even further to the source documents such as invoices, accounts payable entries, receivables journals, etc.

Fine-tune reports to meet your requirements

Solentris lets your users mold each report to meet their unique requirements.
The analytical reporting of Solentris is powerful because it also supports the ability of the user to filter reports based on extensive criteria. For example, users can choose to generate extensive Invoice history or Order Listing reports and then filter those reports by sales person, territory, date range, by product, by customer, by ship-to, etc., etc. In fact, many reports in Solentris have literally thousands of content options based on the filters available to users.

  • Core reports are generated with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Users are presented with Filtering opportunities to isolate key information on the reports. Multiple filters can be applied against the same reports.
  • Data can be easily added or removed from reports by checking or unchecking fields on the reports.
  • Reports can be sorted by clicking the column headers.
  • Reports can be transferred into popular spreadsheet and PDF applications.
Analytical Filters

Your users see only their own relevant information

Solentris manages data using an extensive user, group and privilege based system that limits user access to the data that they are permitted to view.
Solentris reports also consider user credentials and security authorization, so that only reports that are available to that user are displayed. Solentris also considers a user’s reporting area, so that sales people will only see their territory or responsibility information. Managers will benefit from the ability to review their business at both the macro (overall business) and even micro levels through the use of extensive filtering capabilities.


Schedule your reports to be sent to you by email.

Many reports can be automatically generated and emailed to users for easy offline access.
For users that are frequently away from the system or for those that simply need some frequently generated standard reports, Solentris contains a very powerful feature where users can subscribe to reports and have them converted into spreadsheet format and emailed to them on a regular basis. Users have a myriad of options with their subscription reports including:

  • Set your own report frequency for when you would like to receive the reports. Choose a specific time and then day, daily, weekly, monthly, beginning of the month, end of the month.
  • Reports are generated and emailed in spreadsheet format.
  • Each report permits the selection of key parameters based on the reports contents and reports will only contain information that the user is permitted to access.
  • Administrators can setup subscription reports on behalf of other users.
  • Solentris email servers manage the sending of reports to your users.

Solentris’ reporting can help to improve your organization’s customer service.

Easy Access to your customer’s history and relationship with your business.
When a customer calls you, they likely either want to order something from you or discuss an existing issue. While it is important to be able to answer a customer’s questions quickly, it may even be more important to be able to anticipate what that customer could be calling about. When a customer calls in, accessing the Customer Review will provide your customer service group with the critical information that they need to help your customer. Learn more: